June 2016 Specials

Take advantage of our anti-aging summer beauty special:

Purchase any Laser or Microneedling treatment package, and receive 10 units of Botox plus a ZO Oclipse™ smart tone broad spectrum sunscreen absolutely FREE! ($210 value)

Eligible Treatment Packages:

Laser Hair Reduction: Removal of unwanted hair
Fractional Laser: Ideal for treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture
IPL: Specialized treatment of skin pigmentation, sun and age spots
Dual Fractional & IPL packages: Combination of both Fractional Laser and IPL treatments
Microneedling with PRP, Growth Factor or Hyaluronic Acid: Ideal for repair of pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, plus increases plumpness and overall rejuvenation of the skin

ZO Oclipse™ Summer Sunscreen

Oclipse™ Sun Spray is a highly advanced, broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen that offers a sheer tinted primer, designed to match any skin tone. It also features a breakthrough, one touch, all-angle spray system that provides even coverage for the entire face and body.

Key Benefits:

– Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
– Anti-redness properties
– Provides additional protection against high-energy visible (HEV) light
– Exclusive 12-hour time-release antioxidant complex guards against photodamage

  ZO Oclipse™ SPF 50 Summer Sunscreen

ZO Oclipse™ SPF 50 Summer Sunscreen

Winner of NewBeauty “Best of the Best Award” for 2016

We can literally take years off your face and body without surgery using our expertise and cutting edge laser and peel technologies.

 SKin Revitalization Treatment with the Palomar Icon Laser

SKin Revitalization Treatment with the Palomar Icon Laser

Our New Treatments will keep you looking younger & more vibrant than ever!

» IPL—for treatment of brown spots and broken capillaries
» Fractionated—skin resurfacing, and reduction of scars & stretchmarks
» LHR—permanent reduction of unwanted hair
» PRP—hair restoration, skin smoothing & tightening
» Micropen—fine lines, acne scars, skin texture & tone
» VI Peel—medical-grade chemical peel to treat brown spots, texture and acne


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Special offer and pricing valid through June 30th, 2016, with no limit to the number of treatment packages purchased.