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Breast Augmentation: Who In Seattle Is Getting It Done and Why

How many ladies in the Seattle area are choosing breast augmentation? What are the most common reasons for having this cosmetic procedure? As I speak with women about their breast augmentation procedure, I have occasionally heard that they were unaware of how many women choose to have this procedure performed. Many of them will comment that they didn’t know so many other women struggled with the same issues as they do and why those same women also chose a breast augmentation surgery.



In this article, we hope to show women that they are not alone in their desire for change. These are the three most common reasons we hear given at our Bellevue office from women that are choosing to have a breast augmentation procedure.

Small Breasts:

Of the nearly 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries performed yearly, nearly half of those surgeries are chosen by women that have small breasts. Similarly, many patients that we see in our Bellevue office for breast augmentation are women that suffer from a condition called micromastia. This is a condition in which a young woman’s breasts never developed, or are extremely small.

Micromastia often causes poor body-image or self-consciousness in women, especially in romantic relationships. This lack of confidence can actually prevent women from feeling intimately free or fulfilled by their partners, which is heartbreaking to me.


I’ve worked with many young women to provide them with a breast size that makes them feel confident and whole. I’ve heard comments such as, “I finally feel like a woman!” many times over when performing breast augmentation surgeries. The variety of sizes of breast implant, both saline and silicone, allow women to choose the breast size that best suits them. In some cases, it may be an addition of one cup size, and in others, several sizes.


The best candidates for breast augmentation surgery due to small breasts are women that are in good health and are quite outside of puberty. Young women’s breasts will continue to develop into their early twenties. I generally recommend that young ladies still in their teens wait several years before choosing breast augmentation surgery.

Asymmetrical Breasts:

Asymmetrical breasts afflict a significant number of women in the Seattle area, and in the United States as a whole. This relatively common and embarrassing condition can range in its severity. One breast may be a D-cup while the other is a B, or the difference may be as small as a half cup difference in size. While that may not sound like much, it can actually be very noticeable, especially when wearing swimwear or lingerie.


Such women often express to me that they feel deformed, or abnormal, and very self-conscious, especially in romantic relationships. My goal with these women is to help them restore a positive body-image. Such abnormalities can be rectified with a very safe and affordable procedure. I am disheartened to think of the women that continue to subject themselves to self-consciousness when such a simple remedy is at hand.


Any woman in relatively good health with asymmetrical breasts is a good candidate for a breast augmentation surgery. Learn more about this surgery in our recently published eBook, which will help candidates get themselves ready for the surgery and what is expected in the recovery period.




This is the next most common reason for choosing to have a breast augmentation procedure. Pregnancy and childbearing is hard on a woman’s body—especially after multiple children. One of the most common side effects women experience after multiple births is deflated breast tissue. What once were well-sized beautiful breasts have become sagging, drooping bags.


It is for this reason that many mothers across our nation and throughout Seattle began seeking help to restore their bodies back to the figure they had before. In these cases, the breast implants simply refill the deflated breast tissue. Sometimes mothers may choose to increase the size of the breasts, but just as frequently I hear mothers say, “I just want to look like I did before breast feeding four babies!”


Women that have breasts that appear deflated or sag excessively that are in good health will be a good candidate for breast augmentation. In some cases, a breast lift will be combined with the breast augmentation procedure to make the plastic surgery more effective and better achieve the desired look. In general, it is best to have the breast augmentation procedure after you have finished having children.

At our office, we consider ourselves a resource for women. Because of our goal of helping ladies learn as much about their selected procedure as we can, we’ve recently created an eBook guide to the breast augmentation surgery. In it we’ve included tips on how to prepare for the surgery and the details of the procedure, as well as the the options available for breast implants and the expected recovery time.

Call our office to schedule a free consultation with me, Dr. Bryan McIntosh. I’d love to get to know you and be a part of your journey toward self-confidence.



Talk About Tummy Tucks: Are You a Good Candidate?

In the year 2013, the tummy tuck procedure was the sixth most common form of cosmetic surgery performed. There were 111,986 tummy tuck procedures documented by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Since 2000, the tummy tuck procedure has increased in popularity by 79%. As awareness increases about the availability and safety of the tummy tuck procedures, more men and women are considering this option. With the increase of TV shows documenting the weight loss of obese individuals, an aspect that these reality shows tend to leave out is the results of the contestants weight loss—plenty of loose skin and tissue.

Massive weight loss or weakened muscles and loosened skin following pregnancy are the most common reasons that individuals seek the abdominoplasty surgery. Let’s take a look at these top two reasons in more depth.



Massive weight loss:

Individuals that have successfully been able to rid themselves of excess weight are often disappointed by the results that their work has produced. While they may be incredibly fit, having stripped their body of its excess fat and developed keenly toned muscles, the rest of the world may still not be able to see it.

Excess skin and fatty bulges that refuse to diminish despite weight loss in other areas plague those men and women that have put so much energy in getting back to a healthy body. Excess skin can create ‘curtains’ and drooping tissue, giving the appearance of being overweight or aged well beyond the actual years of the individual.

The abdominoplasty surgery is able to remove these excess pieces of tissue and fat, allowing the skin to show the newly gained contours of the body beneath. Liposuction of the hips or areas that are not responding to dieting and exercise may also be performed at this time.

Having a tummy tuck following the achievement of massive weight loss has been for so many individuals the crossing of the final goal line. Everything that they’ve worked for can finally be seen, as their skin and tummy is tightened to show off their new contours.


The tummy tuck surgery is not the correct option for those individuals that are still significantly overweight. Instead, these men and women should focus on losing additional weight so that they can be prepared for their tummy tuck surgery.

Additionally, those who struggle with weight gain must realize that the tummy tuck surgery will be affected by future weight gain. It is not a means of preventing weight gain or achieving weight loss.


Children are one of life’s greatest gifts to many women. And while the end result of their long pregnancy is worth it, the toll that pregnancy takes on their bodies can be great.

Women that have had multiple children will often face great difficulties in being able to restore their body to a trim waistline. In most cases, this is simply because the muscles and skin have been stretched to such a great extent that they have lost their elasticity. These moms find that no matter how much exercise they engage in, no matter how carefully they eat, the post-baby pooch just won’t seem to go away.

The simple way to resolve this is through a tummy tuck procedure. No amount of exercise or dieting can repair stretched skin and muscle, but by neatly removing the skin and surgically tightening the muscles the trim tummy can be revealed.

Too many mothers experience insecurity about their post-baby bodies, and they are uncomfortable and self-conscious wearing snug clothing and swimwear. You moms are superwomen and we want to help you feel like it.


Women that are hoping to have additional children in the future will not be a good candidate for the tummy tuck. Pregnancy can cause the sutured muscles to separate.

Also, the tummy tuck procedure should not be performed until quite some time after childbirth. Mothers will continue to lose baby-weight and naturally have their muscles and skin retract for a number of months following delivery. It is normal for this to take some time.

Choosing the Tummy Tuck surgery:

We understand that surgery can seem daunting for many women. It is a extensive surgery, with deep sutures, anesthesia, and a several week recovery. (For more about the tummy tuck surgery procedures and recovery times, read our free downloadable eBook.)

The reality is, however, when working with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Bryan McIntosh, the abdominoplasty surgery is exceptionally safe and surprisingly affordable. Most clinics, such as ours, offer patient financing programs to help budget for the surgery.

It’s our goal to help you get to the place that you’ve been working so hard to reach. We want to join your team. You worked for this, and you deserve it.