Latisse® Eyelash Treatment
Did you know that your lashes become shorter, finer and thinner? There is a noticeable difference beginning in your thirties, and things continue to progress (in the wrong direction) as you age. Thin lashes are a telltale sign of aging eyes. Lash extensions can be done, but they require maintenance every other week, and many people are becoming allergic to the adhesives used to glue the lashes to your eyelids.
Latisse® is the only FDA approved product that has been clinically proven to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. The growth cycle of the lash is extended, making them longer. The follicle is stimulated to produce a lash that is thicker. Additionally, more pigment is produced in the lash making it darker.* All of these result in a more youthful eye and you’ll have lashes that can make your friends jealous.

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