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Scrotum Lift
There are a variety of reasons a man’s scrotum can be stretched and loose. These can be simple genetics, natural aging, trauma, or injury, among others. Scrotal lift (scrotoplasty) is a procedure performed by Dr. Phillip E. Dahan at Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that involves the excess skin being removed from the scrotum in order to improve comfort and appearance. This is not a difficult procedure and it can boost a man’s self-confidence.

Scrotum Lift FAQs

What Is A Scrotal Lift?
Scrotum Lift refers to surgical techniques used to remove excess, loose scrotum skin and subcutaneous tissues in order to tighten, reduce the size and rejuvenate the scrotum. The procedure was originally created to help cancer patients or those with severe injuries to the genitals.
Who Is A Good Candidate For A Scrotal Lift?
Many men, both young and old, have scrotums that are sagging, stretched, large and hang too low. In severe cases, the scrotum is stretched so much that it causes discomfort when wearing certain underwear or pants, interferes with sexual intercourse and may even come in contact with the toilet water when going to the bathroom. Men with this complaint often suffer from embarrassment, sexual problems, discomfort and even hygiene concerns. This problem only worsens with age as gravity persists and scrotum tissue laxity progresses. Other causes of scrotal sagging include hydrocele, varicocele and chronic scrotal swelling or laxity. There isn’t an age limit or requirement for these surgeries.

These are some characteristics of good candidates for scrotoplasty:

The patient…

  • Has excess or stretched skin around the scrotum due to age or trauma
  • Has pain or discomfort in the scrotum during physical activities
  • Had a congenital condition known as varicocele, where a bad valve in the left testicle wasn’t draining properly, and this stretched the scrotum
  • Has self-confidence issues due to his low-hanging scrotum