Why You Shouldn’t Exercise For 24 Hours After A Botox Treatment

Exercise after botox

Botox is such a quick and easy procedure, people can carry on with their daily lives as soon as they step out of the clinic. But as simple as these injections are, there are still some precautions that should be taken for a few hours after you receive them. For example: exercise. At Dr Bryan…

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6 Things To Remember Before Your First Plastic Surgery Consultation

plastic surgery consultation

There’s something about elective surgery that often makes people uneasy about having a first consultation with their plastic surgeon. Unlike a sickness that needs medical attention, this surgery is a matter of choice, and patients may feel apprehensive about their decision, worried about the results or wonder if the money would have been better spent…

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4 (More) Things To Keep In Mind If You’re Considering Botox

Considering getting botox

Let’s be honest. If Botox were a pill, the product would be flying off the shelves because which human being on this planet does not want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles that mar and age the face? But because it’s an injection administered in a plastic surgeon’s clinic, all sorts of red…

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Nervous About How To Tell Your Family About Your Upcoming Cosmetic Procedure? These 6 Steps Will Help!

Talking to family about plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a lifestyle choice few people make lightly. Much thought, research and self-assessment go into the decision even before anyone approaches a plastic surgeon’s office for a consultation. The stigma attached to the idea of a cosmetic makeover still lingers within many of us, and we’re constantly second-guessing ourselves about plastic surgery being…

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