The One Treatment That Is Helping Men Lose Their Double Chin – Instantly!

Solution for men with double chin Kybella

On one hand, there is Brad Pitt with a sharp, crisp chin that makes his face look like it was lovingly chiseled by Michelangelo himself. On the other, there is Winston Churchill, the British Prime minister whose (alleged) double face dealings in politics were only matched by the hammy folds of his famous double chin.…

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Does Getting Cosmetic Procedures Make You A Narcissist?

Are you a narcissist if you get cosmetic surgery

Nobody needs a long introduction to all the transformational procedures that take place at a plastic surgeon’s clinic these days. Breast augmentation, injectable fillers, body contouring, Botox… As the science of plastic and cosmetic surgery advances, more and more products and treatments are being developed to help people reverse signs of aging and feel good…

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The Real Reason Why Deep Discounts On Botox Injections Are Too Good To Be True

Dangers of cheap botox

All that shines isn’t always gold.  But, the consumer mindset of the American population has become so susceptible to the attraction of “sales” that even an 80%-90% mark-down at a department store does not make us stop to think if that discount is really true.  Sure, it doesn’t matter much if the clothes you’re buying…

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