Does Getting Cosmetic Procedures Make You A Narcissist?

Jan 24, 2020 | Food for thought

Nobody needs a long introduction to all the transformational procedures that take place at a plastic surgeon’s clinic these days. Breast augmentation, injectable fillers, body contouring, Botox… As the science of plastic and cosmetic surgery advances, more and more products and treatments are being developed to help people reverse signs of aging and feel good about themselves.

Maybe, you are considering getting one or more procedures yourself, but you keep talking yourself off the ledge of making the decision because of a variety of reasons.

Principle among them is the secret fear that you may be a narcissist.

The idea of “aging gracefully” has been romanticized to such an extent in society that wanting to improve your appearance makes you think you must be a superficial person who is completely self-obsessed.



And we’ll tell you why:

# 1: Aging Gracefully Is A Myth!

Who wakes up one morning and decides that from today onwards, I am going to age gracefully like Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon or Diane Keaton?

As if it’s a choice.

Grace is a matter of posture, personality, confidence, bone structure and so much else. You don’t automatically lean into a marvelous state of gracefulness as you age just because you choose to.

People view a select few among us as aging gracefully because they won a genetic lottery.

As for the rest?

# 2: What Worked For Others Didn’t Work For You

You know what would happen if you dared to tell your friends you want liposuction to get rid of belly fat. They will immediately advise that you juice instead, or go on a semi-vegetarian, Flexitarian or French Air diet, or try aqua aerobics or whatever else they think will certainly help you lose a bit of belly fat every month. In other words, you don’t really need liposuction.

Like any of their suggestions are a guarantee! Truth is there isn’t any guaranteed way to lose belly fat. Everybody is made differently, and what may have worked for others did not work for you when you tried in the past.

Accept it. Move on and do what you think will give you results, and you don’t have to spend the rest of your life spinning your wheels, trying one new fad after another, and considering yourself a failure each time they don’t produce results.

# 3: You’re Not THAT Into Beauty Regimens

The very same people who tell you not to get dermal fillers or Botox to rejuvenate your face may be spending hours themselves, watching YouTube videos of new Korean beauty treatments and dropping large sums of money on `miracle’ serums and anti-aging potions.

And you’re the narcissist, and they aren’t?

# 4: Everybody Is A Narcissist!

The desire to look good is universal. People just do it their own way.

Yours may be to get a few shots of Kybella to reduce your double chin. Or Voluma injections to restore volume to your cheeks.

Who cares?

Be yourself. Let no self-doubt, inflicted on you by other people’s opinions, diminish your decisions.

You know why? Because you’re not a narcissist in any remarkable way. You’re only human.

And as the Virginia Lights ad said a long time ago to women chartering their their own destiny — you’re worth it.