Brazilian Butt Lift: 6 Things You Have to Know Before You Proceed


Like a facelift that rejuvenates the face and reduces some of the ravages left behind by the passage of time, a Brazilian Butt Lift – also known as gluteoplasty — does the same thing for your butt. The procedure involves transferring excess fat from areas like the hips, abdomen, lower back or thighs (via liposuction) and re-injecting it into…

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How To Protect Yourself During Summer After A Breast Augmentation Surgery


You’re excited that the breast augmentation surgery you’ve been dreaming about has finally happened, and just in time for summer! Now you can wear all those skimpy summer fashions without worrying about being somewhat flat-chested, and look amazing in beachwear. True, we don’t have many beaches here in Bellevue and the Greater Seattle area, but you…

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How To Sleep Safely After Having A Facelift


Post-operative care is extremely important after you have undergone a facelift procedure. And an essential part of that recovery process is getting a good night’s sleep. Our cells repair and regenerate as we sleep and our bodies perform a variety of restorative functions all of which promote quicker healing after surgery. But after a facelift…

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