How To Protect Yourself During Summer After A Breast Augmentation Surgery

May 21, 2019 | Breast Procedures | 0 comments

You’re excited that the breast augmentation surgery you’ve been dreaming about has finally happened, and just in time for summer! Now you can wear all those skimpy summer fashions without worrying about being somewhat flat-chested, and look amazing in beachwear.

True, we don’t have many beaches here in Bellevue and the Greater Seattle area, but you may be planning to take your summer vacation at a beach resort somewhere. Or perhaps catch some sun on your friend’s yacht moored on South Lake Union. Or go sailing or fishing. Anything that shows off your newfound curves and makes you feel confident in your newly-achieved transformation.


All of us at Dr Bryan C. McIntosh in Bellevue are excited to have been part of this journey with you, but if you have just had a breast augmentation surgery, there are some precautions you have to take to make sure you are well protected during this early healing process in the summer:

# 1: Don’t Expose Your Incisions To Direct Sunlight

As with any surgery, incisions take time to heal. In the first few weeks after a breast augmentation surgery, the incisions may look red/pink and raised, which is quite normal. But you don’t want to expose them to direct sunlight at this time and risk them darkening or turning into scars.

Use copious amounts of sunscreen, keep your breasts well covered and stay under an umbrella or some sort of shade on the beach until the incisions are well on their way towards full recovery.

You don’t want to get sand on your breasts either and accidentally cause abrasions on the incisions. It is best if you can limit your time on the beach, or stay away altogether for just a few short weeks. The pay-off, as you’ll see, will be a whole lot more satisfying.

# 2: Don’t Go Swimming

The call of the water is irresistible during summer, and you probably want to wear a beautiful bikini and go swimming. But don’t do it!

Whether it’s the ocean, a lake, a spa or a swimming pool, getting your incisions wet in a large body of water is a very bad idea during the first 4-6 weeks because you don’t know what kind of infection-causing bacteria you will be exposing yourself to.

# 3: Don’t Do Strenuous Exercises

The first 4-6 weeks after a breast augmentation surgery is not a time to take up or resume a strenuous exercise regimen or play or run outdoors in the sun. For the first two weeks, you shouldn’t be raising your arms above your head very much at all.

Heed the advice your plastic surgeon gives you about when you can exercise and how much you can do no matter how healthy and happy you are feeling in the hot, summer weather.

Comfort yourself instead with the fact that once you are healed, you will be able to enjoy yourself just as you please and achieve the best possible results from your recent surgery.

You won’t be able to enjoy the surf and sand like you want to just yet, but you’ll be discovering a better body!

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