Brazilian Butt Lift: 6 Things You Have to Know Before You Proceed

May 28, 2019 | Plastic Surgery | 0 comments

Like a facelift that rejuvenates the face and reduces some of the ravages left behind by the passage of time, a Brazilian Butt Lift – also known as gluteoplasty — does the same thing for your butt.

The procedure involves transferring excess fat from areas like the hips, abdomen, lower back or thighs (via liposuction) and re-injecting it into the buttocks area to improve size and shape, and create a tighter, more ‘lifted’ silhouette.

If you’re considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, there are several things you should discuss with your surgeon before you finally make up your mind. To make the process easier, we’re listing 6 important questions you should seek clarification on, so you can make an informed and confident decision and be extremely happy with the results afterwards!

# 1: What Are Your Qualifications?

Perhaps the most important thing to know about surgeons is qualifications. Are they board-certified by the American Board Of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)? Don’t be embarrassed quizzing surgeons about their qualifications. As a potential patient, it is your right to be fully confident in the person who will be performing your surgery.

Some surgeons may well be board-certified in other specialties, but plastic surgery is really the gold standard and you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less. Experience and expertise is what will give you the best possible results, and we cannot stress this point enough.

Do your research and choose your surgeon wisely. You will be glad later that you took the time to build trust with a surgeon of your choice and not rush willy-nilly into a surgery because you were so fixated on achieving a full, tight butt as quickly as possible.

# 2: How Many Brazilian Lifts Have You Done? Can I See Before-After Pictures?

The more experience the surgeon has with this procedure the better, because all butts and body shapes are not made equal. The surgeon of your choice should have at least 20 procedures under his/her belt, and you should request to see before-after pictures to study the range of body shapes that have been improved through the surgery.

# 3: How Is My Butt Lift Going To Look?

If a potential surgeon is only focusing on an enlarged butt for you, the volume of fat being injected, and not taking other factors into account, like hip-to-waist ratio, he/she is missing the wood for the trees. The butt lift should always look natural and proportionate with the rest of your body.

# 4: How Many Of These Patients Have Come Back For Revisions?

Special circumstances aside (like fat re-absorption), a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, when done correctly, should not require a revision or touch-up. If the number of returning patients seems abnormally high, give this surgeon a miss and find someone else.

# 5: How Long Will My Surgery Take?

A Brazilian Butt Lift job can take anywhere between four to six hours. If the surgeon you are consulting with suggests a lot less time, then you should pause for thought. Being meticulous with the procedure promises the best possible results, and taking shortcuts here, just to make the surgery seem easy is not the message you should be receiving.

# 6: How Long Is The Recovery Time?

The average time of recovery from a butt lift surgery is up to 3 weeks. A lot depends on contributing factors that are uniquely to do with your own body, age, genetics and state of health. An experienced and qualified surgeon will take your lifestyle, time constraints and other factors into consideration to give you a realistic picture of your best and worst case scenarios.

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