Top 5 Regrets Of Plastic Surgery Patients

Top regrets of plastic surgery patients

The market size of the plastic surgery industry in USA is going to be a whopping $17.9 billion (based on revenue) by the end of 2019. And this is only the beginning. Cosmetic procedures are more accessible than ever before and inspired by our changing social environment and popularity of selfie media. People are more…

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Silicone Implant Illness? Science Says, It Doesn’t Even Exist!

Silicone implant illness does not exist

Breast augmentation was the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States in 2018, with a total of 313,735 procedures performed, according to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). The number has been increasing by 4% year over year. As more and more women are opting for it and the media is increasing…

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How Cosmetic Surgery Can Help You Quit Smoking

Cosmetic surgery can help stop smoking

Bad habits are notoriously hard to kick. People need a very persuasive reason to make a conscious decision to break a habit – and then stick to it. Take smoking for example. Smokers know all the health reasons why they should be quitting the habit right now. But many choose to enjoy the pleasure of…

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Plastic Surgeon Dr Bryan McIntosh Reveals Work Done On His Own Face To Demonstrate How Fillers Should NOT Leave You Looking Overdone

Dr Bryan McIntosh reveals his fillers secret anti aging solution

Are you putting off your plans to get Botox or fillers because you’re afraid of looking `overdone’?  You’re imagining Priscilla Presley’s puffer fish cheeks or Donatella Versace’s famous trout pout or a chin augmentation like Jocelyn Wildenstein’s that makes her look like a man?  You’re not alone.  We humans live fear-based lives. It’s a scientific…

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