Which Parts Of The Body Benefit Most From Liposuction?

Best areas for liosuction

Got unwanted, stubborn fat pockets that seem to persist despite a healthy diet and regular exercise? If you’re reading this article, you must already be considering liposuction to get rid of these chronic fat deposits and fast-forward your efforts to achieve a smoother, more streamlined body.  You’re not alone, because liposuction ranks second among the…

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Does Getting Cosmetic Procedures Make You A Narcissist?

Are you a narcissist if you get cosmetic surgery

Nobody needs a long introduction to all the transformational procedures that take place at a plastic surgeon’s clinic these days. Breast augmentation, injectable fillers, body contouring, Botox… As the science of plastic and cosmetic surgery advances, more and more products and treatments are being developed to help people reverse signs of aging and feel good…

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Botox Parties: 6 Reasons Why You Should Throw Away Your Invite NOW!

Why Botox parties are a bad idea

It all goes back to the excitement of Tupperware parties that started in the 1950s. Tupperware ladies literally built an empire selling plastic storage goods with a locking lid system in living rooms across the country. The products united generations of women in a tea party circle where they socialized, played games and bought Tupperware…

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How Cosmetic Surgery Can Help You Quit Smoking

Cosmetic surgery can help stop smoking

Bad habits are notoriously hard to kick. People need a very persuasive reason to make a conscious decision to break a habit – and then stick to it. Take smoking for example. Smokers know all the health reasons why they should be quitting the habit right now. But many choose to enjoy the pleasure of…

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6 Things To Remember Before Your First Plastic Surgery Consultation

plastic surgery consultation

There’s something about elective surgery that often makes people uneasy about having a first consultation with their plastic surgeon. Unlike a sickness that needs medical attention, this surgery is a matter of choice, and patients may feel apprehensive about their decision, worried about the results or wonder if the money would have been better spent…

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