5 Treatments Ideal for Summertime!

Jul 10, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Summer is a fun season, and we all want to look our best for all the events ahead. The main issue is that UV rays can cause extra skin sensitivity, making you think twice before getting a spa treatment. Having said that, at Refine, MD Northwest, we offer other aesthetic treatments that are perfect for this season!

Whether you wish to treat the face or the body, or you want to go under the knife or choose a non-surgical treatment, this blog will list some procedures and treatments that can help your natural beauty shine!

What Does the Ideal Summer Treatment Look Like?

Aesthetic treatments can take on many shapes, but summer options should have a faster recovery time. After all, summer is a time for fun, so you do not have the time to spend weeks on end for recovery.

Summer treatments should also be as non-irritating as possible for the skin and nourishing. This makes non-invasive gentle lasers and serum infusions popular, as they only require you to stay indoors or ultra-protected by clothes for a day or two. 

Top Treatments to Consider This Summer

There are plenty of treatments that you can enjoy during the warm season, including the following: 

1. HydraFacial®

Hot temperatures stress the skin, which adds to the damage that the winter season has already done. Your skin will likely feel drier as the weather warms up, and the constant sweating can put you at risk of dehydration. To ensure that your skin looks radiant, it must occasionally be deeply cleansed and moisturized. The HydraFacial® treatment can effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin, infusing it with a custom serum that benefits your skin health. 

2. Liposuction

Fat deposits can keep your body shape from genuinely shining underneath, preventing you from feeling truly content with the natural curvature of your body. If you have stubborn pockets on your tummy, flanks, thighs, or arms, liposuction can smooth things over. Nowadays, newer technologies allow faster recovery, keeping the bleeding at a minimum and putting you back on your feet in a week or two.

3. SculpSure®

If you want to reduce excess fat without surgical procedures, a good alternative would be to undergo a SculpSure® treatment. Using the power of a 1060 nm wavelength diode laser, the treatment heats fat cells without breaking the skin, damaging them while keeping the surrounding skin safe. Your body will naturally eliminate these damaged cells, leaving a sculpted figure behind. As the procedure is non-invasive, you can proceed with your daily routine as long as you keep the treated area covered and protected for the first few days. 

4. Chemical Peels

As you enter the summer season, you still likely have dead cells that have dried on your face and refused to let go. Winter dryness could also have caused acne breakouts and irritation, potentially leading to acne scars and pigmentation marks. Light chemical peels use acid solutions like TCA or glycolic acid to trigger a skin resurfacing process, causing the outermost layer to peel. Your skin should begin to look smoother within a week or two, with fewer imperfections.

5. Injectables

UV rays have the potential to damage the collagen bonds in your skin, causing it to wrinkle faster than the normal natural aging process. Injectables can help delay the effect, depending on your chosen option. For instance, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections can help you reduce dynamic wrinkles, whereas dermal fillers can restore the lost volume from static wrinkles.

It’s Your Time to Shine!

Summer is the best time to kick your beauty up a notch, and the right treatment can make that happen. Whether you want to choose a non-surgical or surgical treatment, we have plenty of options for you. Contact Refine, MD Northwest, and make an appointment for a beauty treatment!

For more information about beauty treatments that are ideal for summer, contact Refine, MD Northwest at 425-654-2409. Dr. Bryan McIntosh can offer advice on how to choose the appropriate treatment. As an alternative, you can fill out our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you shortly.