Can You Lose Weight And Get A Facelift At The Same Time?

Apr 23, 2019 | Facial Procedures | 0 comments

For a lot of people who have decided to undergo a facelift, the procedure may not be the only thing they want to do to rejuvenate their overall appearance. Weight loss is often an allied goal they also want to accomplish – perhaps even a drastic one to match the improvements they expect to enjoy after the surgery.

Unfortunately, losing weight and undergoing a tightening surgery at the same time can cause something of a conflict.

The reason is this: when you lose weight, your face and neck also lose volume. This is especially true if the weight loss happens very quickly, from crash dieting, for example. Facial skin can become loose and saggy from the sudden weight loss, and if age, genetics or lifestyle provide little skin elasticity in your case, the skin may not bounce back quite as effectively as it once would have.

It is not a good idea to dramatically lose weight right before your surgery. This is something you should always discuss with your plastic surgeon during your initial consultation so he or she can guide you on the best surgery plan.

If you’ve only just begun to consider the option of a facelift, and you know you also want to lose weight, the best way to do this is to reach your goal weight several months before the surgery.

If you hoped to be able to simultaneously lose weight and undergo a facelift, your surgeon may advise you to push back your surgery date by a few months. This is not great news because you have already set your heart on the procedure and feel emotionally ready for it. But getting the best possible outcome is what your surgeon wants for you, and a frank and open discussion about weight loss is really necessary before you agree on a surgery date.

What about weight loss after the facelift procedure?

Again, this is a plan that should also be revealed during the initial consultation. Your plastic surgeon may advise you to hold off until eight weeks or so have passed and you’re safely out of your initial recovery period.

Facelifts take time to settle. Your appearance will undergo subtle changes over the next 12 or more months, and any weight loss you have in mind should be slow and steady.

Impatience is an impediment when what you really want is a safe, healthy and long-lasting transformation. So do some soul searching about weight loss, if that’s part of your plan, and be ready to embrace the best advice your surgeon has for you on this matter.

Ultimately, you’ll be glad you did!

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