How Young Will I Look After A Facelift?

Apr 16, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

This is a very common question, and a valid one, too, because you’re about to bring on a change in your life and want to quantify what this change will be.

The answer (yes, we do have one) isn’t all that simple though, because so much of it depends on perception. How you perceive yourself after a facelift. How you think the world perceives you after the procedure. And, how the world actually does perceive you after a facelift.

It is perhaps more useful if we first take a moment to explore what exactly a facelift does to reverse changes in the face caused by the aging process:

  • Tightens neck
  • Defines jawline
  • Lifts cheeks
  • Reduces facial wrinkles, folds and hollows caused by fatty descent and loosening of skin and muscles
  • Improves facial contour

In this day and age of selfies and social media, photographing well is a common concern, and while there are many non-invasive procedures to track back the aging process, nothing gives as good and as long-lasting a result as a facelift when executed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Innumerable surveys have been conducted over the years with people who have undergone facelifts to find out how happy they are with the results of their procedure.

And the figures are assuringly high. Approximately 97% of patients say they are fully satisfied with the transformation and 90% report they received positive feedback from friends and family. Keep in mind that many of these results came from data collected several years ago, and the technologies and techniques applied to the facelift procedure are progressing constantly to deliver better and better results.

Understand The Variables

So is happiness with the result a guarantee? No, because happiness by its very nature cannot be a guarantee with anything in life.

Besides psychological components that feed and build happiness, there are some physical variables as well — such as overall health condition, skin condition and facial bone structure—of which you must be aware to manage expectations.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is another major factor that will determine your outcome. It is incredibly important that you have full confidence in the surgeon you have chosen and have a complete understanding of what to expect after detailed discussions with your doctor.

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