Keep Up the Weight Loss: Let Cosmetic Surgery Help You Meet Your Goals

Feb 12, 2015 | Body, Breast Procedures, Plastic Surgery | 0 comments

All women dream of regaining that slim figure they remember from back in their teenage or college years. Looking back at pictures of high school prom, college graduation, or even your wedding day can fill you with a dreamy anticipation that you pray isn’t false hope.

Young, middle-aged, and even older women, have set new years resolutions weight loss goals that they hope will have them slim and trim (or at least slimmer and trimmer) by the time summer arrives.

However, many women wonder if those slim jeans will truly ever fit again. Generous weight gain through a pregnancy or simply finding that those extra pounds have added up over the years can make women wonder, when they lose the weight, what they will do if they end up with loose skin and fatty deposits. Some women aren’t sure if their bodies are truly capable of bouncing back to that original full-breast, tight-tummy, and slim-arm appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery can Slim You Up after Weight Loss

Most cosmetic surgery procedures aren’t ideal to be performed on women who are overweight. However, many women find that even after they’ve worked hard to lose those pounds, some stubborn clingy fatty tissue tends to hang on. This is a huge discouragement. Dr. McIntosh recommends several procedures that can be done after weight loss in order to help women regain their ideal body shape.

Dr. Bryan McIntosh has served women of all shapes and sizes over the years, and his expertise consistently makes women’s hopeful dreams come true. Procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentations and liposuction have given women across the North American continent a chance to live life in a new body, enjoying a brightened self-image and increased self-confidence.

Tummy Tuck Procedure:

The tummy tuck procedure slims up your abdominal area by removing excess fat and tissue. However, this procedure is ideal for women who are not significantly overweight, and Dr. Bryan recommends a period of weight loss prior to surgery.

So, if you’re already working on losing those pounds, you’ll be ready for a tummy tuck procedure that can slim you up even further. There’s nothing more discouraging than that bit of belly fat that won’t respond to any more dieting and exercise. Dr. McIntosh can take care of any pudgy weight that still hangs on. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, take a look at our eBook guide.

Breast Augmentation Procedure:

A breast augmentation procedure remedies deflated or sagging breasts that no longer have their firm, sexy appearance and feel. If you’ve breast-fed several children, a breast augmentation could be the procedure that brings back the spice and puts you in the bra size you really want.

After you’ve met your weight loss goals, chances are high that you’d be an excellent candidate for a breast augmentation procedure. Take a look at our breast augmentation eBook guide for more information about this procedure.

Liposuction Procedure:

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat deposits in various places of your body. If an individual has undergone excessive weight loss, sometimes clingy areas of fat remain stubbornly behind, determined to ruin your figure. Liposuction can reduce these fatty areas on the arms, buttocks, legs, hips, or other areas that might need a little help.

Following weight loss, liposuction can take you a step further and reward you for your hard work. Don’t let the stubborn areas get you down.

Dr. McIntosh has helped countless women uncover that slim and sexy self-image they’ve wanted for so long.

Also, feel free to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bryan McIntosh for more information and to see if you’re a good candidate for the surgery you’re looking for.

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