Made A New Year Resolution To Look Younger Without Surgery? Here Is The 2-Week Timetable You Need!

Dec 13, 2019 | Facial Procedures | 0 comments

It’s December. The month when we are making New Year resolutions for 2020. The majority of Americans have a to-do list – in their head if not on paper – of all the things they want to change and improve in their lives.

BUT…most of these resolutions fail by January 12th!

Why? Well, mainly because of the lack of a concrete action plan.

Beauty, weight loss and anti-aging treatments are on top of many resolution lists. While we can’t help you achieve that promotion you’re hoping for at work, we can certainly help you achieve your desire to walk confidently into the new year looking and feeling better than ever.

If Botox and other injectables are something you’re considering to improve your appearance in 2020, we will give you a concrete action plan in the form of a 2-week recovery timetable.

Knowing that you have 2 weeks to show off your enhanced appearance without feeling self-conscious about redness, swelling or bruising, you can book appointments this very month so your new year resolution for a cosmetic treatment does not get derailed by holiday preparations and other end-of-year social engagements. And you’re completely recovered before 2020 rolls in.

# 1: Botox

Botox as a non-surgical, anti-wrinkle treatment needs no fresh introduction. The injections, when applied strategically by an experienced provider, works wonders on crow’s feet, lines between the brows, forehead wrinkles etc.

There’s hardly any downtime involved with Botox, and the results will start to become apparent in just 2-4 days.

# 2: Volbella

Volbella dermal filler, a product line with a hyaluronic acid base, reduce appearances of lines and folds in the skin – especially on the cheeks, around the eyes, nose, mouth and lips.

We advise that you book your appointment for a Volbella treatment 2 weeks in advance as there may be some slight swelling or bruising that may take 2-5 days to disappear completely, and the product requires some time to spread and smooth.

# 3: Juvederm

This is another hyaluronic acid-based product that does a marvelous job of filling in facial folds, augmenting lips and restoring facial volume that is dissipating on account of the aging process.

Even though the results are immediate, two weeks is a reasonable time frame to recover from any swelling or redness that may occur after a Juvederm treatment.

# 4: Voluma

This hyaluronic acid filler by Allergan (also the makers of Botox) restores volume and reduces hollows and drooping skin to create a revitalized, younger-looking face.

Most of the hyaluronic acid fillers in the market today have a high molecular weight. In contrast, Voluma has a low molecular weight, which is a huge advantage when working with facial areas that need restoration of lost volume – for example, the cheeks, mid-face and jawline.

Voluma is one of our favorite fillers to work with at Dr McIntosh’s clinic. In fact, Dr Bryan McIntosh calls it a “game changing product”.

You’ll see results right away, but it is advisable to expect 1-2 weeks, for any residual swelling to go down.

# 5: Vollure

This hyaluronic acid is an overall nice product for filling in various areas like tear troughs, forehead, temples, parentheses around the mouth and many other issues.

Allow for up to 2 weeks for any swelling or tenderness to dissipate after the treatment.

Not sure which treatment you need? Let us help you!

Book a consultation at Dr. McIntosh’s clinic in December and we’ll inform you of your best choices to get the subtle, improved look you want to start 2020 with.