6 Reasons Why Facelifts Are Getting Popular With Younger Women

Apr 2, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Facelift at 35? Sounds too soon to be worrying about the aging process, right?

But an increasing number of women are getting facelifts in their late thirties and early forties, and there are at least six good reasons why this better-now-than-later attitude is fast gaining popularity among pre-middle-age candidates:

• Choosing to get that facelift while the skin still retains its natural elasticity typically yields the best results.

• Identifying problem areas and correcting them early means they don’t just get progressively worse as women enter their fifties and sixties.

• The resilience and recuperating ability of a younger body are definitely factors that help patients undergoing early facelift. As the body ages and deteriorates, surgical recovery becomes a growing concern that has to be taken into account when planning a procedure.

• Aging isnt the only reason why women choose to have this procedure. Issues like droopy jowls, sagging cheeks etc. are often a genetic problem, and they can be easily corrected while women are still young and wanting to improve their looks and self-confidence.

• A modern facelift can last you a decade, and by getting the procedure done early, people can enjoy the full benefits for a long time, with only a secondary, refresher lift afterwards if needed.

• While there are many non-invasive procedures available at a plastic surgeon’s clinic, none of them offer the same long-lasting effects. And a lot of women who have already decided to get a facelift go ahead with the procedure early without trying several, short-term solutions.

Facelift technology is so far advanced these days that doctors can examine the underlying bone structure, restore fat compartments and use smaller incisions to get marvelous results that look and feel extremely natural. And as women take self-improvement decisions into their own hands without worrying about social stigma, the barrier to early plastic surgery is disappearing as well.

If you’re really interested in exploring the possibility of a facelift, never believe you have to wait to be a certain age. Let the mirror help you decide when you should have your procedure done, not your date of birth, because there really is no right age—or a wrong one—to want to look your best!