How Soon Can You Return To Work After A Cosmetic Procedure? Much Faster Than You Think!

Oct 7, 2019 | Plastic Surgery | 0 comments

People are often afraid of the time they have to take off work when they consider a cosmetic procedure. Whether they work from home, in an office or are stay-at-home moms, taking time off from their busy schedules to recover is not an easy decision. And so, they keep putting off their procedure for when they have more free time. And when will they actually get more free time?

The good news is this: many cosmetic procedures will NOT keep you away from your work, duties and daily chores like you imagine.

You have to remember that the expected “recovery” time you may read about is an ongoing process. Most procedures take months to finally `settle’ and show full and final results. But, that does not mean you will stay in bed and be unable to do anything in the interim.

Look at the list of procedures below, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can be up and about, and ready to resume life after you have them.

1: Lipsuction

Time off: 3 days

Recovery is rapid after liposuction. You ought to be back at work in about three days. If you give yourself a long weekend to recover, you may not even have to take time off work!

2: Breast Augmentation

Time Off: 3-5 Days

You should be able to return to work within five days. You may feel confident even in a bathing suit in 2 weeks’ time without any visible swelling or bruising. Within 3 months, the implants will completely settle, and you can forget you even had them.

3: Breast Lift

Time Off: 3-6 days

A typical breast lift without implantselevates the breast tissue, raises the nipple and tightens sagging skin. The pectoralis muscle is not disturbed, which is why recovery is quite comfortable. If there is any residual bruising or swelling itcould be hidden under clothing until it disappears, so patients typically don’t mind that. Within 3 months, the final results will settle.

4: Breast Reduction

Time Off: 3-7 days

The procedure involves removal of excess tissue and fat from the breasts, but again, as the pectoralis muscles are not manipulated, you could be back in the game in less than a week.

5: Tummy Tuck

Time Off: 5-14 days

Overall recovery time depends on individuals, but patients can usually resume daily life to some extent within 5-6 days. There are precautions you have to take, like wearing a compression garment, and the final results should settle in about 6 months.

6: Facelift

Time Off: 2 Weeks

After a true facelift, and not a mini one, you should be able to attend social events, feeling comfortable, and even wearing make-up, in 14 days’ time. The final results will take a while to settle, so you’ll see more and more improvement as the weeks pass.

* Keep in mind that the healing process is not the same for everybody. Your doctor will be able to give you a more definite time frame after examining you. And there may be precautions you have to take even if you’re well enough to go to work.