Must Read: Don’t Make This Mistake If You’re Thinking Of Improving Your Appearance With Fillers

Jul 3, 2019 | Facial Procedures | 0 comments

I am passionate about the effective use of injectables — Botox and fillers and how much they can do to reverse signs of aging. It is such a quick, easy, relatively low-cost option that has low risk and minimal side effects compared to surgical procedures…” – Dr Bryan McIntosh

Patients often know this too. They know how transformative fillers can potentially be. And they want to improve their appearance with these injectable products instead of surgery because they don’t want the risks of going under the knife.

But they still fail to get the most benefit from state-of-the-art fillers, like Voluma and Juvederm, because of certain preconceived notions that should be cleared up once and for all.



This is the prime reason that stops people from getting the best results from their filler injections.

They don’t necessarily realize the expense. They may expect to pay, say $1,000, and when they realize it can cost $4,000, they balk at the price. Asking for the result that can be obtained with just $1000 can be problematic.

There are several major problems with bargaining on the price of injectables, and you must understand them if you want to see visible and satisfying results.


Your Age Matters

As you get older, your face deflates and your facial skeleton gets smaller. Everything begins to loosen and sag, and the situation requires more fillers to bring about a visible change.

When you’re in your 30s, you could expect to spend 2,000 dollars in fillers every year or every other year. In your 40s, the cost could be around 3,000-4,000 dollars. And so on. The older you get, the more filler you need because your face is more adversely affected by the aging process.

“When patients ask me to achieve the results they desire with a lesser amount of product because of budgetary concerns, I try to explain to them how a syringe or two of fillers will not fully correct all issues that can be improved,” says Dr McIntosh. “It’s like saying you want me to paint the inside of a palace with one gallon of paint. How well do you think that would work?”

If you want a certain outcome, but you’ll spend only 25% of the amount needed, you cannot expect to see 100% results. You’ll get a suboptimal result, which will leave you feeling dissatisfied and possibly thinking that fillers don’t do the job as well as they’re reputed to do.


The Size Of Your Face Matters

Size of face is another factor. To make a noticeable difference with a bigger, thicker face, more product is needed than an average person. So while someone with a smaller face can possibly use less fillers, if yours is big in proportion, you have that much more ground to cover.


More Product Will Not Make You Look Overdone

This is a myth (promoted in large part by overdone celebrities in the media like Heidi Montag and Khloe Kardashian) that continues to influence people even as they are considering the price of injectables.

They worry if they have more product in their face, they will look distorted. The transformation will be too much.

“I would like people to understand that more fillers does not mean more distortion. Generally it means more improvement.” says Dr McIntosh. “Sometimes it is hard to convince people that the goal of an injectable filler such as Voluma is to create a subtle and natural improvement. I am not interested in creating duck lips and fish faces.”

There are many people out there who look great for their age and they have fillers. But they don’t talk about it. This group is the majority of those with fillers. Then there are people who look ridiculous, overdone, “plastic”. This group of people is the exception, but they’re also the easiest to spot. In spite of an overwhelming majority of excellent results, there is still a stigma out there, and people remember the worst case examples.



Financial concerns are a reality, and it is nobody’s best interest that anyone should spend more than they can afford to get the best results from their fillers.

So what can they do?

Dr McIntosh has a very practical and effective answer.

“I tell my patients, let’s optimize one primary issue with the amount of money that you can afford to spend,” he says. “Let’s not address other secondary issues at this time because of budgetary concerns. One syringe of filler will not cover five different areas, because that’s like trying to use a drop of water when I need a bucketful. So let’s take care of your biggest concern, have it done well with the right amount of filler, and at a price that you can afford. You can always come back for the others at a later date.”

Plus, at Dr Bryan McIntosh’s practice we offer discounts on every syringe you use.

Contact us for more information on this. We’re standing by to help you achieve the best results from your fillers and be completely satisfied with the results you achieve!